With more than 30 years experience in event planning, you can put your trust in our services. Why spend time researching hundreds of venues, bands and décor for options to suit your needs? Perhaps you don’t know where to begin to look. We know, firsthand, who the best vendors are, for certain types of events, and where to find them.

Whether you need just one thing, or want someone to manage your event from start to finish, here are just some of the services we offer, for every size event and budget.

Elaborate Centerpieces


We sit down with you and your committee to brainstorm event ideas and themes.


We make suggestions based on our past experience with organizations like yours.

Finding the right venue.

Whether it’s location, scenery, or size, come to us for the perfect place for your event.

Hiring the right vendors and negotiating contracts.

Let us handle securing a great band, the right entertainers and the best props for your event. We can create a package that will save you time and money.

Beach Theme Decor

Designing a theme.

We can design your theme from start to finish, coordinating props, décor, food, music, entertainment and lighting. Or, you may just need a certain something to enhance your theme, to bring it all together. Need something you can’t build, borrow, or buy? Rent it from us.

Administrative duties.

Don’t drown in the details. Let us handle the time-consuming paperwork. We can facilitate a timeline. Manage vendor schedules and payments. Collect RSVPs. Coordinate lodging and transportation. Work day-of registration. And more!

Creating a timeline.

We orchestrate your event for you, by creating a detailed timeline of every facet of the event, from set up to show time to breakdown, so all runs smoothly.

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